Find Your Spark Again

Professional, confidential, science-backed inclusive sex and relationship help for you and your partner(s)...

You just want the fights to stop and you might be asking yourself "Should we even be together?"

All you do is fight

Intimacy is non-existent

You want to feel connected again, you feel so distant from each other.

You need someone who can understand your relationship, really see your patterns that make you feel so stuck, and can help you feel close again.  You want to turn to someone who's focus is helping relationships and understands YOU. 

As an Independent Marriage and Family therapist, I am a relationship specialist. When you choose to see a specialist like me, you are choosing to see someone who uses specially trained science based approaches and is dedicated to helping relationships heal. I have dedicated my entire practice to helping relationships of all kinds heal and find their spark again.


No matter if you have been married for years, just started dating, CNM, Polyam, or kinky, my practice is inclusive and welcomes you.

Let's be honest, going to a relationship therapist is not an easy thing to do. Asking for help takes a lot of courage and there will be times it will be hard, but I will be with you every step of the way in guiding you in how to:

  • Strengthen your bond

  • Spice up your sex life

  • Communicate Better 

  • Find your spark again

  • and much more...

I provide safe, highly trained, and comprehensive attention to your relationship

I offer 90 min sessions for my partnerships, because it allows us to accomplish more quicker and find healing sooner.

Flexible scheduling allows for late evening appointment times so you can see me when YOU need me and not when office hours dictate.  

I have Specific and Specialized focus in:

  • Advanced Training in Sex Therapy

  • Advanced Training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

  • Training in Gottman Method  

  • Diverse Relationship Dynamics (from Polycules to fulltime kinksters)

  • Lived experience as a queer, kinky, fem presenting non-binary and poly person. 

I have experience working with:

  • Polyamory

  • Consensual Non-Monogamy

  • Sexual Concerns

  • Affair Recovery

  • Kink

  • Power exchange dynamics

  • LGBT+ relationships and others.