My story (and why relationships are so important to me)...

Training April the Kangaroo to paint. 

Being a therapist is my second career. I was an animal trainer for nearly a decade. I lived in 7 different states (OH, FL, IL, WA, CA, WI, KS) doing work with marine mammals and working with various species at zoos. 

I have had the honor of working with a dolphin to learn to give voluntary blood draws, help a sea lion get a check up, and partner up with a kangaroo who I taught how to paint. When you work with animals (no matter the species) you build relationships based on trust. The relationship you have with your partner, is based on trust, as is the relationship you have with your therapist.

My experiences with these incredible animals are why I adore working with relationships. They taught me the most important things I needed to know in how to build trust, respect, and compassion. 

It also has given me thousands of random weird animal facts. Don't be afraid to ask me about them. I am sure I will freely give you more then you care to have.

Emergency & Crisis: I am not an emergency service provider nor do I provide on-call services. If you, or someone you care about, is in a mental health crisis or life threatening emergency, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. If in Columbus Netcare Access provides 24/7 substance use and mental health crisis services at


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